- Monday, April 14th


- Wednesday, April 02nd

….none of my art is ever really finished.

- Wednesday, April 02nd


Mikos Da Gawd - What Would I Do by SOULECTION on SoundCloud

morning inspiration groove

- Monday, March 03rd
crazygirlmarimarks asked:
Hi. I absolutely love your work! Especially the one from Oct 21st with the birds. I am also an artist (Studying painting/drawing and ceramics in WI) and just wanted to say hi and that I love the patterns, colors, lines, everything about your work!

hey! awww thank u girl i soooo appreciate it:) !! i really like your collages keep it up cuz you have something special on your hands;)

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- Sunday, March 02nd

boy with birds.

- Thursday, February 20th

boho girl. ☮ ✌

- Sunday, February 09th

playing around with microsoft paint…

- Saturday, February 08th

….eptesicus fuscus (big brown bat)

- Friday, January 24th

self-portrait study.

- Sunday, January 19th

drew my puppy the other day.

- Thursday, January 09th

figure drawing

- Tuesday, November 26th

doodlin my way to atlanta last wknd

- Wednesday, November 20th
scout6feetup asked:
You are an amazing artist! You probably already know this, but I thought I would remind you. <3 I'm so glad I found your work.

awww, thanks that really means a lot ….i’m digging your photography too:)

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- Tuesday, November 12th

finally finally finished yday